GTK 50 H08 H<sub>2</sub>

The new generation of CHP units

Hydrogen - Energy without CO2

  • The search for alternative energy sources and the move away from fossil fuels is inevitable in light of the aim of the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union to significantly reduce CO₂ emissions.

    The goals are set: Germany intends to be make its energy supply greenhouse gas neutral by 2050.

    At WOLF Power Systems, we think, act and develop with an eye to the future in order to meet the demand for an environmentally friendly and efficient energy supply and to recognize technological trends early on.

  • The efficient, safe and economical use of hydrogen as a fuel type has an important role to play in achieving this goal. In order to realize these ambitious visions, we need to establish and expand a nationwide, high-performance H₂ infrastructure.

    A central role in this will involve converting electricity from renewable energies to hydrogen by means of electrolysis.

    H₂ is transported using a separate infrastructure which will be developed using the existing gas infrastructure.

    Green H₂ can be used as a CO₂-free raw material, fuel and energy type in the essential sectors of industry, transport and heat. In dark periods, H₂ can be used to create energy, e.g. with hydrogen CHP units or fuel cells. These systems are known as power-to-gas or power-to-X technologies.

    A fully climate-neutral energy cycle.

    Establishing hydrogen supply networks and suitable storage facilities are important milestones along the way to a secure energy supply.


  • The Wolf Power Systems GTK H08 H₂ is designed to run on pure hydrogen. The power plant can also be operated with natural gas or a natural gas mixture if necessary.

  • Natural gas conversion for flexibility: this allows transitional operation with natural gas and biogas as an option.

    This option provides investors with a high degree of security and confidence.

    Let’s take the first step together.

    • Demand-driven and climate-neutral electricity and heat generation through combined heat and power
    • Flexibility - switch from natural gas and biogas to hydrogen
    • High EGR rate (exhaust gas recirculation) and lean operation with lambda 2.5-3
    • Exceptionally cold combustion to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) below detection limit
    • Optional: Digital integration of the power plant into power plant cloud for grid stabilization or NEWTRON energy supply plan
    • Cost guarantee



We are already working with a well-known engine manufacturer to develop a CHP unit with an even higher output range of 250 to 300 kW.

MAMotec GmbH specialises in the manufacture of premium gas engines with an output range of 26 to 220 kW. The gas engines specially developed for use with natural and other gases (biogas, wood gas, hydrogen) combine top quality with state-of-the-art technology. As a result, the engines achieve maximum reliability and maximum energy efficiency. With a wide range of low-maintenance and efficient naturally aspirated Lambda-1 engines, the lowest emission levels can be achieved using 3-way catalytic converters. There are no additional operating costs from using this exhaust gas purification method. MAMotec also provides tailored high-performance turbo-lean engines with superior power density and reliability for specialised applications like biogas, wood gas and sewage gas. In addition to basic gas engines, all engines can also be supplied as complete gas engines with their own ECU on request. The long maintenance intervals and long service life of MAMotec gas engines guarantee a low total cost of ownership for your system.