The system supplier

for combined heat and power (CHP) units

WOLF Power Systems GmbH has over 35 years of experience in combined heat and power from more than 2,300 projects worldwide. We provide reliable solutions for the utilisation of natural gas, biogas, sewage gas and LPG in energy generation from under one roof - all developed for and together with our customers.

H2 power

In the future, the total energy demand will increase significantly; in the present, society’s demand for environmentally friendly solutions is on the rise. Our products are designed for the future right from the start. This means that we continue to develop our products in view of what’s coming, instead of starting from scratch each time. Our fossil fuels will run out at some point – everyone needs to prepare for the energy transition now to prevent an energy shortage.


Outstanding quality - made in Germany

From combined heat and power modules through to heating, ventilation and air handling equipment, you'll receive a futureproof, comprehensive solution from WOLF that is made in Germany.

  • Our philosophy

    All of our CHP components are produced in Germany.
    This allows us to guarantee the particularly high quality and longevity of our products.

    In addition, all of our systems undergo a performance test before leaving the factory. Our aim is to make sure that all of our products function perfectly and reliably to the highest possible standard.

    The same is true of our service. All of our employees are qualified in Germany and receive state-of-the-art training directly from the engine manufacturer.

  • Absolute reliability

    Maximum system availability
    The efficiently operating CHP unit is the result of reliable and matching technology. That is why we only use system components that have proven themselves in practical applications, developing some technologies in-house and optimising their interaction. In doing so, we ensure that your system functions perfectly and can achieve system availability levels of up to 99 %.


    Excellent efficiency
    We pay particular attention to the optimum configuration of the system, aligned to your requirements and local conditions. This is the only way to fully utilise the technical potential of the individual CHP components and to achieve high system efficiency. Excellent efficiency means faster payback for your system.


    Compact design
    CHP modules from WOLF Power Systems are characterised by a proven, compact design that has been successfully used for years. All of the key components for an output range of up to 400 kW are part of the compact module and reduce the space required in your building. At the same time, we guarantee easy accessibility to all components for adjustment, control and regular service. This results in a reduction of the frequency of servicing, and of associated costs. A standardised noise protection booth also reduces structure-borne noise and the use of costly sound attenuation.


WOLF Power Systems

With sites in Mainburg, Wolfhagen and Gorleben, we can provide service at short notice throughout Germany. Our systems are also used all over the world.

People at WOLF Power Systems

  • Stefan Seeliger & Bernhard Steppe

    Managing Director



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  • Gorleben Service Centre

  • Industrial Profit Centre

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  • Wolfhagen Administrative Cluster


We are part of the WOLF Group

WOLF is a leading supplier of heating and air handling systems based in Mainburg, Germany. With 14 sales offices in Germany, eight subsidiaries in Europe, one subsidiary in China and more than 60 additional sales partners worldwide, we are there to support you, wherever you are.

WOLF supports design engineers, installers and end customers throughout the entire engineering process and the coordination of components for heating systems and air handling units within the areas of heating, solar, air handling and ventilation. In a nutshell: WOLF creates optimum indoor environments for premises ranging from detached houses and apartment blocks right through to office buildings and industrial plants.


Careers at WOLF Power Systems

If you want to be part of a highly motivated team, are interested in innovative technical projects and are looking for a family-friendly environment, apply now to work with us.


How to reach us

Please feel free to contact our service staff in Gorleben or Wolfhagen. We look forward to your call!