for high plant availabilty

Your CHP will accompany you for many years. Professional maintenance, carefully tailored to your system, contributes signifi cantly to the service life and fl awless function. Major disturbances can be prevented as far as possible by consistent testing and timely precautions. In the event of unforeseen events, we offer solutions as quickly as possible to minimize unnecessary downtime and associated fi nancial consequences.

Service that keeps what it promises

Personal accessibility around the clock

In order to minimize waiting times and, in an emergency, downtimes in the event of faults in your system, you can reach us through many channels, all year round, every day. You always have a contact person at your disposal, your request will be taken up and dealt with immediately.

Effective maintenance

With individual maintenance and service based on the status of the system, which are precisely tailored to your circumstances, we can prevent unscheduled downtimes and costly repairs. Here we go beyond the recommendations of the engine suppliers and utilise the many years of experience we have gained from the multitude of our projects.

Maintenance contracts: full cost transparency and fairness

Regular maintenance and care of all system components is a prerequisite for the long-term reliable and economical operation of your CHPs. With the contractually stipulated, regular maintenance, you have virtually nothing to worry about.

We keep an eye on all service intervals and inform you about upcoming appointments.

Only 6 Steps

You will be accompanied by us during the 6 steps to your BHKW - it is a common path.

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Spare parts

Fast and comprehensive supply is ensured by our extensive range of spare parts.

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This is how we create permanently satisfied customers.

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