Student housing complex

Düsseldorf, Germany

At first glance the Strümpelstraße student housing complex looks like a perfectly normal block of student apartments. Look again, however and this local student facility at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf transpires to be a creative solution to the perpetual problem of the time offset between supply and demand for renewables. And the solution is a latent heat store. A total of 496 H; M thermal batteries (cylinders containing sodium acetate) act as storage medium which can retain 4000 kWh latent heat plus 2000 kWh sensible heat. This latent heat store is fed by the waste heat from the installed CHP unit. This system offering 140 kW electrical and 210 kW thermal output was built by Kuntschar + Schlüter, a member of the WOLF group, supplying around 400 student apartments with their base load of heat. This pilot project is still unique in Germany in this form.


    FUNCTION: Student housing complex

    SIZE: 400 student apartments

    SPECIAL FEATURES: 496 cylinders with sodium acetate content as latent heat store that can retain the waste heat of the installed CHP unit for several days.




    • electrical 140 kW
    • thermal 210 kW