Our control technology has been optimised through years of practical use. Enormous efficiency gains have been made through intelligent engine technology.

This is where our experience shines through: With electronic mixture control in lean-burn and Lambda 1 mode, our CHP modules achieve figures significantly below the limits set by German clean air legislation. The fully automated system is designed in such a way as to ensure unattended operation.

Every appliance can be connected to smart building management systems (BMS). And everything is in place to provide remote monitoring via GSM or the web, which allows straightforward monitoring and maintenance to be carried out online, for example. As part of a maintenance contract, therefore, the costs of travel to and from site can be significantly reduced.

The comprehensive set of functions, measurements and regulation processes is executed with the aid of a special, freely programmable control system. This is a compact, modular system that can be configured to meet the needs of many applications and different module types. Alongside monitoring, control, regulation and system protection, remote data transfer offers additional opportunities to reduce service costs.

Easily check all system values in operation, histories and parameters on the go with our Smartset app. This can markedly improve system availability.


Our control technology offers you a wide range of functions:
  • Automatic mains parallel mode with all necessary monitoring facilities
  • Automatic emergency power mode (optional)
  • Controllability according to power demand, heat demand, gas yield (for biogas, sewage gas) and by start/stop mode
  • Controllability from 50 to 100 % of rated output through integral controls or external specification
  • Control and monitoring of all relevant auxiliary and secondary drive units
  • Actual data displays with user prompts
  • User interface and parameters with user prompts
  • Alarm management
  • Configurable data memory/data records
  • Remote monitoring via modem, GSM, internet
  • Mains monitoring/protection
  • Zero supply control, etc.
  • Emergency power/standalone/mains parallel modes
  • Synchronisation/uninterruptible
  • re-synchronisation
  • Generator monitoring (U, I, cos, T)
  • Engine monitoring (P, T, p, rpm, etc.)
  • Emission/lean-burn mix control
  • Speed/output control
  • CAN bus/Profibus connection
  • Expandable up to 32 modules
  • Binary inputs (on-board status LED)
  • Binary outputs (on-board status LED)
  • Analogue inputs (mA, PT100)
  • Analogue outputs (mA, V)
  • Alarm list/data history
  • Remote data transfer/GSM connection
  • Internet connection


WOLF Power Systems remote maintenance allows us to respond more quickly to possible faults. In the event of a problem occurring, our customer service centre is notified directly.

We check whether the machine is damaged and we need to send out a member of the service team, or whether it's a software issue. This ensures quick response times, rapid fault resolution and higher system availability. In addition, 70 % of fault messages can be remedied directly by our remote maintenance centre without having to call out a member of our the service team.


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Throughout the engineering and installation stages, you can depend on WOLF Power Systems as your partner for CHP solutions, with everything from just one source.

A wide range of services are on offer: from building assessments and viability studies beforehand, to commissioning, service and maintenance. In addition, the full range of WOLF's system technology, including heating appliances as well as air handling and ventilation equipment, is available to you as a complete system.

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