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As one of the leading system providers of heating and air conditioning systems, WOLF can be found from the Red City Hall in Berlin to the Kremlin in Moscow. At home in Mainburg, with 14 sales offices in Germany, 8 subsidiaries in Europe and one subsidiary in China as well as more than 60 other sales partners worldwide, we are everywhere, operating globally for you.

Since 2016, WOLF Power Systems has been WOLF’s business unit for combined heat and power plants and power systems. The merger makes it easier to exploit synergies with existing suppliers and partners in their individual fields. With this background, we offer our customers a reliable partner with bundled expertise in all matters relating to energy.

The 3 Business units of WOLF -
the system provider

The merger of Dreyer and Bosse Kraftwerke GmbH and Kuntschar and Schlüter GmbH created one of the leading companies for individual CHP solutions and CHP service. Each brand retained its area of expertise. Dreyer and Bosse are regarded as specialists in biogas CHP solutions and are also pioneers of new technologies, such as gas cleaning with a two-stage activated carbon fi lter and the oil management system.

Kuntschar and Schlüter are pioneers of CHP solutions in the sewage gas sector. Each area continues to operate independently and is highly specialised, yet the units combine fl exibly in the interests of the customer in order to offer the most suitable system solution and to optimally exploit the existing potential.

The customer also has additional security when he can realise complex projects with a large partner such as WOLF. Since 2017, as a result of the merger, our products have been completely designed at our Wolfhagen site and built with our own technology, whilst a training centre for operators, service partners and employees has been built at the Gorleben site.

In addition, belonging to the Wolf Group offers us perfect opportunities to integrate market and research developments into our thinking and action.

Seamless Integration
of indivdual expertise areas

Premium manufacturer and technology leader

WOLF is the only system provider for heating, air conditioning, ventilation and CHP in Europe. How our individual areas of expertise can be effectively interlinked is shown by the confi guration of this large-scale project in the industrial and commercial sector.


As a member of the WOLF Group in Mainburg, we're able to offer you tailor-made heating equipment solutions as well. This means that all of your components will work seamlessly with one another.

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